Supply / Dispatch Assistant

Supply / Dispatch Assistant

Andrie Inc. has an immediate openfing for a Supply / Dispatch Assistant.

Job Statement:

Responsible to assist in providing proper and sufficient deck, galley and engine room supplies as directed to each tug, barge and job site in an organized and efficient manner.  Transport crew members to and from vessel in a safe manner. Keep warehouse and vessel supply lockers in a clean and organized condition.

Essential Functions:

  1. Carry out delivery of crew and supplies to the vessels in an efficient manner.
  2. Run "in town" and "out of town" errands as directed.
  3. Maintain in good order the warehouse, trailer, vehicles, yard and gates.
  4. Responsible for building and grounds maintenance including, but not limited to, snow removal, plowing, salting walkways, etc.
  5. Responsible for interior building maintenance including, but not limited to, cleaning of windows both inside and outside, removal of cobwebs, and correcting issues with lighting as needed.
  6. Responsible for the maintenance of all vehicles in the fleet. Problem conditions should be reported to the Purchasing Coordinator / Fleet Dispatcher as soon as detected.
  7. Assume responsibility for special assignments as directed by Purchasing Coordinator / Fleet Dispatcher.
  8. Package and handle FedEx & UPS mailings as required.
  9. Project a proper company image with a positive attitude.
  10. Sail in a relief position in an emergency.


Job Specifications:

  1. Maintain a current, valid Drivers License.
  2. Must possess an excellent driving record.
  3. Possess excellent communication and organizational skills.
  4. Obtain and/or possess a valid Merchant Mariners Credential with a minimum rating of Ordinary Seaman within first 6 months of employment.


    Anyone interested in applying for this position is encouraged to submit a resume to: Careers.