A-397 - Specifications

Official Number: 290177


Length Overall 270'

Summer Draft 18'11~1/2

Length for Classification 270'

Tug Notch Length 3'

Breadth 60.1'

Cargo Header 80' Fwd of stern

Depth 25.2'


Build Info

Build Year: 1962

American Bureau of Shipping- A1 Oil Barge


USCG certified for Ocean service

Grade D and E Cargoes


Full spoon bow; steep raked stern fitted with skegs and notch for tug. Flush Deck, double hull; forepeak 4 coiled tank pairs and a coiled center tank, machinery space for heaters, etc.


Cubic Capacity
39,746.10 Bbls. (100%)

No. 6 Fuel Oil
38,523 Bbls.

No.2 Diesel Oil
37,707.84 Bbls.

Asphalt (7.9#/GAL)
G.L. Summer 37,636 (95%) Bbls.
G.L. Winter 37,636 (95%) Bbls.

Cargo Heater

Vapor Liquid Phase Heater
Capacity: 8,400,00 BTU/hr

Outlet Temperature
Cargo Pumps

(2x) Sier-Bath Screw
Capacity: 1500 GPM each at 125 PSI

Cargo Pump Engines

(2x) GM 8V-71
Capacity: 23,590 Bbls.

(2x) Segregated Piping Systems
Capacity: 14,046 Bbls.

Piping Systems

Discharge Headers: (2x) 8" pipes

Tank Coils
2 layers of pipe in every tank

Heating system is designed and approved to operate at all times, even while underway, ensuring that the cargo is at the proper temperature for discharge.


(1x) 3000# Stockless
Rode 585' of 2 1/4" chain

Emerson-Walker Direct Grip Windlass powered by Denison Hydraulic Motor

150 kW w/ John Deere 6068 engines

Blow Down Air Compressor:
(1x) SullAir 40 hp Electric motor with 160 CFM capacity