Andrie Inc. Hosts Annual Crew Meeting In Rhode Island

NEWPORT, Rhode Island – The Annual Andrie Crew Week was held at the Newport Marriott in Newport, Rhode Island from February 8th to February 11th, 2012.  Over 140 employees and guests were in attendance.  Andrie has always maintained the tradition of being a family-oriented company. 

This year’s theme was “Communication for our Future”.  Crew Week is a great forum where employees share ideas on how to improve our business.  Many constructive ideas were submitted and we are in the process of analyzing which to implement. Employees also attended specialized training such as:

            Bridge Resource Management:  Attendees worked in teams on abridge simulator where they faced potential emergency situations (such as loss of steering, meeting situations, loss of propulsion, etc.), and learned to communicate as a team to handle them. They also went over case studies discussing what went wrong in an effort to learn from other people's mistakes.

            Shipyard Competency:   Attendees learned about confined spaces, testing the atmosphere for safe entry into confined spaces, and how to properly use the instruments we provide onboard.  Attendees are now approved to certify safe confined space entry.

             Drug & Alcohol Collection:  Captains and Mates were instructed on the regulations for conducting drug & alcohol collections, when to collect samples and the paperwork required.   They had to demonstrate proficiency by performing 4 sample collections and 3 alcohol tests without error.

             Andrie Values:   Andrie employees took part in a Values workshop in which we discussed values and value systems, and Andrie Values in particular.  Through a lively discussion session, employees related these values to our daily work through various work related scenarios.

             Security Officer Training:  Mates completed training that allows them to conduct required security exercises and drills aboard Andrie vessels. This training provides Mates with the authority to complete security checks, conduct inspections, and identify security threats.

             Food Safety:  A presentation was given deckhands on food safety. The discussion centered on the safe handling of food and included information on illnesses caused by unsafe food.      

            1st Aid & CPR:  The Red Cross was brought in to instruct Andrie employees on 1st Aid, CPR, & Automated External Defibrillators.

Vessel teams were presented “Zero Lost Time” awards in recognition of completing the 2011 season without a lost time injury.

Andrie is a company rich in maritime history.  The opportunity for Andrie employees and guests to enhance our communication in Newport, a town with its own maritime history, proved successful and enlightening.  Thank you to all of our employees and guests for making Crew Week such a positive and enjoyable experience.