Richard Paris Receives Outstanding Safety Achievement Award From BP Shipping

MUSKEGON, Michigan - On August 7, 2012, at the BP Shipping CEO HSSE Award Conference in London, England, BP Shipping announced that they selected Richard Paris as the recipient for the Outstanding Safety Achievement Award for 2011.

This award recognizes excellence in safe operations in support of BP Shipping’s aim of improving and sustaining exceptional HSSE performance.

Richard designed and developed a rail system for the Karen Andrie and Endeavour. This system safely allows the vessels to remain interconnected in the notch with the pins of the JAK pushing system in a nylon coated rail system. The tug Karen Andrie can move vertically while still connected as the barge Endeavour’s draft changes during cargo operations. A permanent pneumatic gangway on the Endeavour allows for safe crew access between the vessels.

Prior to Richard’s design, the Karen Andrie would exit from the notch and come alongside the Endeavour during each cargo transfer. The crew would deploy a temporary gangway and adjust it as drafts change.

The rail system and installation of the gangway has significantly reduced the chance of injuries to the crewmembers by minimizing vessel movement and gangway deployment. The new gangway is mechanically controlled and permanently installed on the barge.

The upgraded pushing system requires very little maintenance. Richard first contacted the manufacturer, Beacon Finland, to inquire if they offered options to keep the tug in the notch. At that time they did not have anything available. Since then, Beacon Finland has developed their own method, similar to the Endeavour’s rail system, that allows a tug to stay in the notch.

Andrie vessel personnel submitted an idea for a hot water wash down system. Richard researched the possibility of using this type of equipment on an asphalt unit and brought the concept to a working system. The de-icing system utilizes the Endeavour’s cargo heater unit to produce hot water to clear and clean the decks and equipment of ice, snow, and debris.

The system clears the deck much quicker than salting and/or shoveling efforts. As a result, a crewmember’s chance of falling and suffering injury on slippery decks has been greatly reduced. In addition, equipment is quickly cleared and cleaned, resulting in an extended service life.

The de-icing system uses the heat produced by the bitumen cargo heater to warm water to keep the decks clear and clean. Previously, the crew was required to clear the decks in the winter using salt, shovels, and wooden bats. This system has aided in the reduction of injuries that may have resulted from slippery decks on the vessel.

By harnessing the heat generated by the cargo heating system, the heated water is readily available as conditions are presented. The crew can employ this system on short notice and for as long as necessary.

We would like to commend Matt Stump for nominating Richard for this award and congratulate Richard on his accomplishment. Last year Andrie Inc. received the Ship of the Year (Partner Vessel) for the Karen Andrie and Endeavour. This marks the second year in a row that we have been recognized by BP for our safety and environmental accomplishments, and we are very proud of this. Each year BP recognizes and awards individuals, partners, and operations for HSSE excellence at the CEO’s HSSE & Forum Conference in London. 

Richard Paris receives the Outstanding Safety Achievement Award from BP Shipping CEO John Ridgway